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Uschi Obermaier & Rainer Langhans, 1969

The  Berlin living collective Kommune 1 grew out of the German student movement of the 1960’s and was considered Germany’s first politically motivated house-sharing community. The group’s goal was to develop an anti-capitalist communal living alternative to what they saw as the oppressive nature of the small middle class family unit. However it  was eventually the romantic relationship of two of it’s members, former model Uschi Obermaier and activist Rainer Langhans, that captured the media’s attention and led the commune to become internationally famous. The couple’s willingness to discuss all aspects of their private life and to allow photographers to document their relationship made them icons of the “1968 generation” and they were often referred to as the German John Lennon and Yoko Ono. (wikipedia)

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Giraffe crush

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